Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Corner of Pearson and Rush Streets, Chicago.


tintin said...

I always imagine you on the street with a 4X5 Calumet view camera, head under a black cloth, fiddling with the lens rack...but I know you're using a digital SLR to do these shots.

They are so good and so evocative. Maybe it's 'cause I lived in Chicago - - Or, more likely, you're just that good.

After wasting some years of my life working for Draper and Kramer the question begs asking...What are you doing working for a real estate company when you should be doing this full time?

Alice Olive said...

Tintin: Um, actually, truth be told, this one was just taken with my Coolpix. I was walking up the street and just saw these buildings. I didn't have the D40 so had to 'make do' with the little one.

PS - My grandfather was a photographer and he spent much time with his head under a black cloth... I always thought it was so magical!

tintin said...

My Dad got into photography in a big way and would always build a darkroom whenever we moved to a new house (we moved a lot). I got into it around 14 and was pretty good at rolling 35mm Tri-X onto those stainless steel film reels in the total dark.

Also, apprenticed for a studio photographer when I was 18. My point is this, long time ago the common knowledge was, it doesn't matter what you're shooting with. Rather, it matters if you know your cameras limitaions and abilities. You surely do.

Elizabeth said...

Oh gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd

(guttral sounds of joy)

did I ever tell you I'm originally from the Chicagoland Area?

Carolina Lange said...

The fog gives a mystery to the photo! really beautiful!

Danz said...

I really love this photo! Great job!