Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Season appropriate


Jane Flanagan said...

Delightful, but not nearly as much as the one you actually carved;)

DeepBlueSea said...

Hi Alice,

Quite off-topic but as you're a sydney girl I thought I'd send you this info about flexicar - they're expanding with great leaps and bounds over there.

To quote flexicar:

"Clover Moore and her council have supported our proposal for over twenty dedicated car share parks across the city. Locations include the CBD, Pyrmont, Surry Hills, Newtown, Glebe, Kings Cross, Erskineville and Darlinghurst.

The next step will be community consultation on the proposed locations. We’re hoping our cars will be living on these Sydney streets early next year."

Cool eh?

PS I think 'Glebe' is the most hilarious name for a suburb. Glebe. Glebe.

I live in Glebe.
Take me to Glebe please.


Alice Olive said...

More "off the topic"....

Actually Glebe gets its name from being a Church of England-built suburb. I believe the word Glebe has its origins in the word land owned by the Church or something like that.

There are great cafes/restaurants/shops/markets in Glebe. Don't knock 'em til you try 'em.

Carolina Lange said...

I love this photo, it has great color and light!

DeepBlueSea said...

Alice, don't get me wrong, i wasn't knocking Glebe per se... I'm sure it's a cool part of town. it's just the name. Maybe if you've heard it all your life it doesn't ring so... ummm funny?

Anyway, hope you had a happy halloween in pumpkin land!

PS I wonder what Glebe residents are called? ;o)

DeepBlueSea said...

Sorry... me again...

I have hardly seen Sydney. But one of the few places I have visited there is ... Glebe!!!

It just occured to me as I sat working. We wandered round the University of Sydney, beautiful grounds, sandstone archways, then over to Glebe Point Road. Walked probably a km or more along it, I recall some 2-story terraces on the left, and down to where it almost dives into the harbour. Back around some lovely streets with red brick houses, brick Edwardians, some large trees overhanging the streets, fig trees(?) it was semi-wet, and back to the Glebe Point Road where there was a really nice little cafe with a French name. A cafe-bakery. Yes, that's right.

So ... Glebe and me!

Off topic I know but maybe you found it interesting?

FeiraChic said...

Happy Halloween!!!

MacGuffin said...

I like the way you captured the texture of the wood in contrast to the pumpkins.